Volunteers meet at the Pampa Optimist Youth Club the morning of the tour.  From there, chaperones will disburse to pick up their assigned child and take the child shopping at Walmart.  After shopping is completed, everyone meets back at the Optimist Club to wrap presents, eat, and meet Santa.


1) Child between the age of 5-10 and

2) Has not previously participated.

Parents can pick up and return applications for their children at the New Horizon Fellowship Church located at 711 E. Harvester Ave, Pampa, TX 79065.

The deadline to submit applications will be December 1st, 2021.

Parents will be notified if their child is chosen for the Tour.  The children will be picked up at their homes the morning of the Tour.

The annual cost associated with this project is around $20,000.00, all of which is obtained through community donations.  Without your contributions, this project would not be possible.

Please make all checks payable to "Pampa Optimist Youth Club" and include "CST" in the memo.  Checks can be mailed to P.O. Box 645, Pampa, TX 79066 or dropped off at the Law Offices of John W. Warner and J. Clayton Carr at 309 W. Foster, Pampa, TX.


Each year additional volunteers show up to assist the children with wrapping the presents they have purchased for their families.  If interested, please fill out the 2021 CST Volunteer Application Form.

Each year volunteers designated as "chaperone's" are responsible for picking up a child from his/her home and taking the child shopping at Walmart for his/her family.  After shopping, the Chaperone's bring the child back to the optimist club to wrap the gifts, eat, and participate in various fun activities.

If Interested, please fill out the

2021 CST Volunteer Application Form